Cannabis Testing

The most reliable cannabis testing in the industry...

Iron Laboratories is your trusted provider for cannabis testing - driving the industry in methodologies and scientific standards. 

We utilize High Performance Liquid Chromatography as well as other state of the art equipment, that goes beyond testing the THC levels, and we provide detailed cannabinoid profiling across nine other components including CBD and CBN.

Iron Laboratories does not advise on dosing; we would suggest contacting your caregiver and primary health physician to address these concerns.


Applying the highest  scientific standards, using state of the art equipment, employing degreed laboratory techs, Iron Laboratories can apply our technique in cannabis testing to deliver our clients the most accurate results. These results are kept in our database for reference. See the Iron Data page for a listing of public results.


Iron Laboratories is committed in providing the best level of service we can. This is why we offer our members the opportunity to consult with our highly skilled lab techs on an individual basis. Schedule an appointment at the lab, or have us visit you. We can advise you on how to create better environments for safer growing conditions, extraction techniques, edible or topical infusion methodologies, and any other medical cannabis-related field with an aim at delivering quality products to your patients. To schedule a meeting with one of our techs, please contact us to set up your appointment. An hourly fee is applicable based on your membership level.


Cannabis concentrates (cannabis oil, wax, shatter, RSO, etc.) refers to undiluted cannabinoids which have been extracted from the plant through a number of possible extraction methods. Concentrates are generally much more potent that cannabis flower or regular hashish, and their medicinal applications have proven very effective, but cannabis extraction is a unique and dangerous process requiring significant training. Cannabinoids are not water soluble, and to remove them properly, the cannabinoids and other active plant material must be dissolved in a solvent.

What are solvents?

Solvents are the chemicals used to remove the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. When cannabis flowers are put in these solvents, the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other active ingredients are dissolved into the liquid or gas. Remaining solid plant matter is filtered out, and the liquid solvent/cannabinoid mixture is cleansed or purged to remove all solvents, leaving only cannabinoids and other active compounds of the cannabis plant.

Is removal of solvents important?

Expert precision is imperative to properly extract all traces of solvents from a cannabis concentrate, as any residual solvents can be harmful to patients. Iron Laboratories offers residual solvent testing for all smokeable and edible concentrates to comfirm the safety on concentrates for patients.